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Welcome To Fylde Coast Weightlifting


If you want to improve athletic performance? We are a team of Strength and Conditioning coaches offering group sessions to improve sporting performance.,,,..


We are the only licensed British Weightlifting Club in the Fylde coast (the nearest one is 18 miles away).

We are also an affiliate of North West Powerlifting (a division of British Powerlifting).

Our group sessions suitable for all abilities and ages 14+. We usually will have 2 or more specialist coaches leading, to ensure you get the best service possible.


All coaches have years of experience, industry qualifications and BSc (hons) degree in strength and conditioning or more. Why does this matter?

Strength and is a science based approach to training. The two main focuses of a strength and conditioning coach (amoungst others):

  • Improve performance (specific to clients sport)
  • Identify and reduce the risk of injury to any athlete



Group Session Info:










Pay as you go sessions: £7.00 per person or £5.00 for Fortitude members.

Monthly club membership available. This includes:

• Access to all group sessions,

• Periodised programming,

• Competition/event day support.

• Nutritional advice.

• Online Support group

• Video Analysis and advanced fitness testing

• Discount to our partner sports therapists


It is common knowledge that athletes are at risk of different injuries depending on their sport. A big part of our coaches education incudes learning about injury pathologies, ideal movement patterns, physiological demands, nutritional demands and biomechanics. The blend of academic knowledge, experience coaching sport and experience in fitness means that all of our coaches will be using fun and effective methods proven by research. We often working alongside physiotherapists and sports therapist to support recovery of athletes.


We Practice and Encourage Clean Sport. For more information please CLICK HERE.

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Email us: info@fyldecoastweightlifting.com